The Worst Hit Movies of the 1990s

A general love of film drove people to the cinema, making these terrible movies into big hits.

But it's hard not to find these films embarrassing today, even to those nostalgic for the days of packed movie theaters. 

Rocky V (1990)

It was a misjudged attempt to bring the series back to its roots that disappointed the thousands who went to theaters expecting another victory for the Italian Stallion. 

Dying Young (1991)

Roberts and co-star Campbell Scott make a lovely couple, but the movie’s heavy-handed themes overpower any chemistry, making for a manipulative watch. 

Hook (1991)

In practice, Hook is a joyless slog, as sickeningly sweet as the frosting-slathered treats imagined by the lost boys.

Out for Justice (1991)

Despite their box office regularity, they all have the same unengaging plot and uncompelling action scenes. 

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

Despite a nifty sequence involving a powerful hearing aid, Freddy’s Dead features some of the worst bits in the franchise, including a Nintendo-inspired nightmare and an already-dated cameo by Johnny Depp. 

Rising Sun (1993)

On paper, the idea of a political thriller based on a Michael Crichton book, directed by Philip Kaufman, and starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes sounds fantastic. In practice, Rising Sun is a hateful piece of nastiness.

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