These 12 Expenses are Equivalent to Lighting Your Cash on Fire

They say you get what you pay for, and in many cases spending a few extra bucks gets you a higher-quality, longer-lasting product. However, spending extra can also mean wasting money.

We want you to put money towards your dream home, kid's college fund, or something that will bring you joy.

Start by avoiding these expenses that are equivalent to lighting your cash on fire.


Who are we trying to impress by dropping $15,000 on a funeral? The guest of honor is dead!

How could I not purchase three-year coverage for that new dog collar? What if it breaks?! As a general rule, avoid warranties unless you have an overwhelming reason to believe it's worth the money.

Warranties on Low-Value Items

Annual Cell Phones

You know what they say: A new phone a year keeps bankruptcy near.

If you're considering paying for a video course where your favorite influencer discloses their secret to success, let me save you the $59.99. They get rich by scamming suckers like you into paying $59.99 for platitudes about “hustling,” “grinding,” and “living your best life.”

Get Rich Quick Courses

Whether you are smoking real-deal Marlboros or have embraced modern methods, you can literally see your money going up in smoke.


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