These Are the Best TV Series Finales of All Time

Redditor u/asgard13 asked, “In your opinion, which show had the best series finale.” They nominated their favorite as Star Trek: The Next Generation – ‘All Good Things Parts 1 and 2.'”

Close to 1500 Redditors commented with their favorite series finales ever. Here are the top ten answers.

Redditor fukdatsonn said, “Man. The Breaking Bad finale was perfect and very memorable. The ‘I did it for me' scene and the final scene of that show wrecked me.”

Breaking Bad

Ginganaut agreed, “Mr. Robot was such a criminally under-watched show. I can't get any friends through the second season, and it's such a shame because the 3rd and 4th seasons are so good.”

Mr. Robot

Striball added, “Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender as an adult is the best way to watch it. The writing is actually incredible, and all the lore behind the Avatar world is also crazy.”

Avatar: The Last Airbender

SPOILER: Sum_Dum_Gui nominated, “Newhart – Bob Newhart wakes up from a dream, and he is in bed with his wife from his previous series, The Bob Newhart Show.”


Redditor ridingforfood stated, “The best IMO is The Americans. It gave me everything I wanted in a finale, including the one scene I had been waiting for between two of the main characters. No spoilers. The best show of the last ten years.”

The Americans

Latter_Feeling2656 suggested, “The best is probably the one to Blackadder Goes Forth, which I believe was also expected to be the last of the four Blackadder series.”

Blackadder Goes Forth

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