These Big Bang Theory Quotes Will Shock You

Can You Believe What Leonard’s Mom Said?

Naturally, there is a treasure trove of truly terrible quotes and actions Beverly has unleashed on unsuspecting characters.

For one Redditor, it was when she said, “I can't wait for this day to be over” at Leonard and Penny's second wedding — the wedding ceremony they threw especially for Beverly. 

Reddit came together to nominate these moments as being the worst of Beverly Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. Did yours make this list?

Redditor Iconoficons noted, “I can’t believe nobody has mentioned one of her final appearances on the show was her pretending to value Leonard and his research just to benefit her own.”

When She Fakes an Interest in Leonard’s Work in “The Maternal Conclusion.”

In “The Maternal Conclusion,” Beverly feigns interest in Leonard's job, and he believes that they are finally spending quality time together.  However, Beverly reveals that she's writing and new book and Leonard becomes furious to discover she's only using him as research for the new book.

FedoraTheMike branched off what the OP initially stated, “The wedding was messed up. Shows no remote interest in his life and snubs Leonard at every turn, then turns around and gets all passive-aggressive when she wasn't invited to a wedding nobody else was, either.”

The Wedding in “The Conjugal Conjecture.”

The fake easter eggs are a terrible Beverly moment. In “The Disappointing Child,” Leonard confides in Penny that he was so angry as a child because his mother designed an Easter egg hunt with no eggs. 

Fake Easter Eggs – “The Disappointing Child.”

Successful_Mess2187 confessed, “For me, it was when she told Leonard that their family dog died when she and Sheldon were listing out the big things that Sheldon knew, but Leonard was very much in the dark.”

Leonard’s Dog Being Dead –  “The Maternal Congruence.”

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