These US Areas Are Most Interested in International Travel

With the relaxation of international travel restrictions, many Americans are gearing up to fuel their wanderlust by leaving America the Beautiful behind and venturing to destinations outside the US borders. 

Residents in some states are more eager to see other parts of the world than others. According to a forecast by Economic Intelligence, global tourism will increase by 30% in 2023 compared to 2022.

The analysis reveals that Washington, DC is the US area doing the most searches to apply for a passport. Although it is not a state, the nation’s capital has the most residents looking to obtain a passport compared to all other areas in the US.

The US Capital

With an area of 68.3 square miles, the term “passport application” receives an average of 420.6 searches per 100,000 people each month.

Georgia ranks as having the second highest interest in passport applications, with an average of 314.7 searches per 100,000 people, per month.


Millennials, a well-traveled generation, make up over 34.1% of the Atlanta city center population contributing to the high demand for passport applications.

Residents in Nevada are the third most anxious to leave the US. The term “passport application” receives 266.9 monthly searches per 100,000 people living in the state.


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