10 Things America Does Better Than Europe

The United States of America and Europe have long been compared in various aspects, from culture to economy to politics. 

While both regions have their own unique strengths and contributions to the world, there are some things that the US just does better than Europe. 


One member says that Americans know what's up regarding Jazz music. The music culture in America is rich, and many others from other countries admire that! 


Traditionally not an American dish, tacos have become so Americanized that they are staples in many diets nationwide. If you are in the mood for Tex-Mex, you really cannot go wrong.  

National and State Parks

With a whopping 432 parks across the country dedicated to conserving and showcasing the beauties of nature, the US offers a diverse range of wilderness adventures to embark on. 

Ice in Drinks

Nowhere else in the world ices their cold beverages as we do here in the US. What could be more refreshing than an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a hot day? 

Food Portions

In the US, it's completely normal to ask for a to-go box to take food from the restaurant home, so that means you can often make one meal into two. 


While Mexico is where the best tacos can be found, the tacos in Europe are indeed subpar compared to those in America. 

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