10 Things Americans Aren’t Ready To Hear According to Non-Americans

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world wants Americans to understand? If you've spent any time on Reddit, you'll learn quickly.

A Reddit user u/swansonite456 asked, “What are Americans not ready to hear?” And nearly 20,000 people weighed in. So here are ten things the rest of the map wants the U.S. to hear.

Poorly-Drawn-Beagle said, “You let food companies put in whatever cr*p preservatives they want and makeup weight with artificial sweeteners instead of natural ingredients.”

Your Food Is Poison – 9.6K

JSKDA stated, “Your tipping culture is a scam. Tipping should not be a burden obligation of your customers.” User red-submarine added, If a business can't survive if they pay their employees, that's not a business. It's an exploitation racket.”

Tipping Culture Is a Scam – 10.1K

Redditor piiees shared, “As an Aussie, it's always funny seeing some Americans complaining about ‘liberals' or trying to use it as an insult at left-leaning people. Because for us, it's the opposite, with the liberal party here being the more right-sided party of the two major parties.”

You Don't Know What Liberal/Socialist/Fascist Mean 10.7K

ChipConsumer44 said, “College shouldn't drain your entire savings account.” Koduy2 replied, “What savings account? Sorry, I can't afford one between my 2k rent and my 1k college loan payment every month. Please, someone, help us.”

College Shouldn't Be So Expensive – 11.5K

LemonZinger602 added, “The fact that healthcare is tied to employment is the worst. Too sick to work? Haha, forget you, no (remotely affordable) insurance for you!”

Profit-Based Healthcare Is Wrong – 13.1K

ILiveInNZSimpForMe shared, “Yeah, mate, I was talking to some Americans in New Zealand. I called them a good c-word, and the conversation didn't last much longer. The word equates to mate in Australia.”

The C-word – 13.9K

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