The Truth Revealed:

What Americans Really Want You To Know

Recently someone in an online forum asked, “Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?” Americans responded by delivering this list of top-voted answers.

One user stated, “I used to work in Mt Rainier National Park. One summer, we had a girl from Romania work for us, and she started bawling her eyes out when she found out NYC was thousands of miles away. She thought she'd be able to go there on weekends.”

America Is Huge

FruitBat676 answered, “A lot of people here are actually pretty nice, financially struggling,  just trying to get by, and strongly object to the government's cruelty."

A Lot of Americans Are Nice

"There are some brainwashed extremists, of course, like I'm sure every country has. But overall, we're humans who would love world peace just like anyone else, with the ability to rationalize with compassion.”

Redditor fastcat03 answered, “Please stop asking us to be militarily involved in world events and not militarily engaged in world events simultaneously.”

Make Up Your Minds About Our Military

Go_Blue_ stated, “I remember when I was in Prague, we were out at a restaurant for dinner and a .5L beer was cheaper than a .5L water.”

Water Should Be Free at Restaurant

Washingtonlass added, “Also, stay on the darn paths. I'm tired of hearing about tourists falling in the pools and dissolving.”

Animals in Yellowstone Park Will Kill You

NWbySW added, “Can confirm, I went to a water park in Brazil. They are just as chunky as folks at an American water park.”

You're Getting Fat Too

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