These Are the Top 15 Things a Bartender Notices About Their Customers

You walk up to the bar, and you notice your bartender's outfit and vibe as you catch their gaze.

You're ready to order your favorite drink and get acquainted with your designated server of the night. What do they notice about you?

How You Walk In

Since bartenders cannot legally serve inebriated individuals alcohol, they notice if you're wobbling, standing up straight, walking to the bar alone, or leaning on others. 

How You Hold Your Drink

Always carry your drink with you to avoid anyone spiking it. Bartenders try to maintain a watchful eye over these drinks but remember, their jobs get busier and busier as the night rolls along. 

What Questions You Ask

If you're kind and considerate, asking them questions about the drink-crafting process, they'll open up to you and spend more time talking with you.

The Kind of Drink You Order

If you order a complicated drink during a high-volume time, the bartender may pay you a strange look and shrug off your suggestion.

If You Like Your Drink

Bartenders notice customers' reactions to their drinks: elongating consumption means their tastebuds don't like the concoction, but guzzling a drink means they'll return to the counter.   

Who You Come With

Boisterous groups who flaunt disrespect and don't tip well have a higher chance of the bouncer removing them than respectable groups who tip well and engage with the bartender without disrupting their workflow. 

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