12 Confessions That Men Will Instantly Reject Women Over

Many single people seek love, but where do people draw the line? In a recent online discussion, men came together to reveal confessions women make that would be a total turn-off for them.

From being married to serving time in prison, the reasons range from logical to nonsensical!

The Married Woman

There's nothing like the soul-crushing feeling men get when they find the woman they are bonding with is married. While a small minority of people see no problem with extramarital relationships, being married is a deal breaker for most men.

The Small Animal Killer

One man shares a timeless story of realizing he must cut ties with a woman. “She was polite, pretty, had reasonable life goals and whatnot,” he reveals.

“It all looked good until she told me that when she has a hard day, she likes to go out in her car and try and run over rabbits late at night. I lost her number right after that!” What a coincidence – I draw the line at “killing small animals,” too!

The Man-Hater

Many men confess they've encountered seemingly-normal women who will dive into a man-hating diatribe without warning.

While this brand of man-bashing is likely a red flag for any average person, most men may search for a woman who will never yell at them – obviously, man-hating women don't fit the bill.

Being religious is typical for men and women in 2023, but when a woman ascends to being “super-religious,” most men choose to avoid pursuing a relationship.

The Super-Religious Woman

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