10 Things People Treat Like It’s a Religion (That Isn’t Religion)

Can you think of anything that is not a religion but has become revered with the same energy as one? 

Redditor u/KayoshiStoryteller asked, “What is not a religion, but people treat it with the same attention?” And over 27,000 people commented. Here are the top answers according to Reddit. 

Redditor eternalrefuge86 nominated “420 culture. I say this as someone who smokes weed.” Another Redditor agreed, “I can't stand people who treat smoking weed as their sole personality trait.”

420 Culture – 7.7K Votes

Deadicatedinpa added, “Essential oils too. The Young Living vs. the doTerra MLMers is crazy!!!” Redditor willis72 said, “Essential oils aren't essential for anything. They don't cure, treat, or prevent any disease.”

Homoeopathy – 8.5K Votes

Super382946 said, “God. The Indian team does; IDK what. The next day, everybody in my class (including the teacher) trashes the team they once cherished.” Hyperion_23 agreed, “It's happened to me too. Our entire group chat is flooded with hundreds of messages after each match.”

Cricket in India – 11.7K Votes

KayoshiStoryteller agreed, “This is so so true, and well noted. But, unfortunately, some people live for their jobs. It's all they have.” KenzoAtreides added, “Working late, extra hours, crap pay, no days off, working while sick = AMERICAN HERO, A TRUE PATRIOT.”

Workaholism Hustle Culture – 14K Votes

Alpha_Solid nominated “Disney, especially when you go down to Florida.” Diligent_Jury_9956 agreed, “As someone living in the Disney area, I 100% agree. I thought it was all glimmer when I didn't live here and hadn't been. But, now I think otherwise.”

Disney – 14.4K Votes

User dyanaprajna2020 agreed, “As someone who grew up in Alabama, I can confirm this. I have seen families torn apart over Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry.”

College Football – 16.4K Votes

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