Wanted: A Future Without These 15 Annoying Things We Despise

Do you ever find yourself cringing at a particular trend? Or get worried about the current status of the world? Do you wish some of those things would cease to exist? 

Let’s explore things members of an online community hope are no longer around ten years from now. You might find yourself nodding to each one of them! 

“Buy Now, or You’ll Miss Out!” and Many More Lies

You open your phone, and you're met with ads about the newest skincare product. You switch on the television, and they tell you about the best buy-one-get-one-free deal. It's like there's no escape!  

Child Beauty Pageants: A Recipe for Distress

Members argue grooming children to perform in front of a large audience and judges with a full face of makeup on means putting them at risk for psychological and emotional abuse in the long term.  

Kill The Cancer

Unsurprisingly, this deathly ailment was the top-voted thing members want gone. This devastating disease has taken the lives of many around the globe. 

Social Media Influencers

Many members say the trend of influencers creates a false perception, promoting ingenuity and potentially advertising harmful products and unrealistic standards. 

All Work, No Play

Many members confess that maintaining a healthy balance between work, personal, and family life is a struggle with the current employment structure. 

Inflation or Laziness?

Many users raise their concerns over the struggle to afford a home, even with the income of two members. Is it a genuine concern, or are millennials being lazy? We’ll never know! 

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