The Price is Wrong:

10 Surprising Things That Are Not Worth the Cost

Are you guilty of wasting money on frivolous expenses? For example, I wasted money daily on overpriced coffee when I worked outside the home. After tipping, those things can become a $10-a-day habit quickly. 

Recently a Redditor asked, “What is a huge waste of money?” Here are the top-voted responses. 


“The next generation of phones/tablets/etc. every time one comes out. We are well past generational step changes and well into incremental progress. So you can hold off on the newest generation; you're not missing much,” one user shared. 


"There is zero point in spending money on one day for tradition or because Auntie Margaret is pressuring you. Instead, spend your money on the things that matter to you and will be memorable. Nobody will remember your napkins and centerpieces,” one user said. 


“Gambling. Most of the time, people lose, which has ramifications for others in your life,” stated one user. It's an addiction. The dream of free money. Like the thrill of winning.” 


One user shared, “Cigarettes kill you, yet I cannot stop.” Another person agreed, “That's right. Anything that's addictive.” 

Designer Clothing

“Designer clothing. Dumb, overpriced people buy it to flex and let others know how bad they are with their money,” stated one user. 

Giving Money to Influencers

Someone nominated, “Giving money to influencers. Many people seem to fall into the trap of thinking influencers are their friends or will notice them. They buy them coffee or “donate” to things they can afford. It's sad.” 

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