15 Familiar Worries That Disrupt a Good Night’s Sleep

Midnight Musings:

For many of us, plenty of ordinary, everyday things frighten us. The good news is that you're not alone. 

A recent online discussion lists some of the most common things people are seriously concerned about. Here's what makes the list. 


Some people hate saying goodbye and the fear they may never see that person again. This can stem from being left behind in childhood or a really tough relationship. 

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is terrifying because when it happens, it's hard to do anything about it!  

Getting Touched By Something in the Water

We've all been there before: you're swimming in a body of water and your foot touches a plant or sometimes, a fish. It's terrifying and feels very eerie because you can't see exactly what it is. 

Something Happening to Their Kids

Parents will do anything for their children and the thought of something horrible happening to their children is enough to keep you up at night. 


People with social anxiety may really hate doing group introductions when working with big groups. We all have done the icebreakers that can be awkward and truly terrifying. 

We Need To Talk

It is so scary to text a message from a partner or parent that just says, “We need to talk.” It could be about anything really. Some parents send that message and they just have a question about dinner that night, while other times, it could be something more serious. 

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