10 Things That Started as Jokes People Take Too Seriously Today

While enjoying my daily scroll, I found an interesting post to share. Someone asked, “What started as a joke, but people take it way too seriously today?” 

Here are the top-voted responses. 


“Oddly enough, the fact it was a joke is a fantastic feature. Whereas other crypto projects are done with the idea of the creator getting rich, this was just a joke."

Flat Earth

“I recall a flat earth website that said they had members all over the globe,” one laughed. Another joked, “My favorite part about flat earthers is that they recognize and accept that every other planet has been observed as round. But ours is the only one that is flat.” 

Schrödinger's Cat

One user shared, “Schrödinger's cat was formulated as a thought experiment to illustrate how odd quantum mechanics is, not that the cat is both alive and dead.” 


“Scientology. Come on. He's a sci-fi writer, and now many people believe they have Midi-chlorians or something in their blood, making them do bad things. Wow,” expressed one. 

Celebrities Becoming Politicians

“Celebrities becoming politicians, after all this, I never want to be told I need experience for a job ever again,” one user admitted. 

The OK Symbol Being a White Supremacist Sign

One said, “The OK symbol is a white supremacist sign. But the racists didn't make it up. The media is the one that turned it into a hate symbol. They reported on a nothing story from a troll website. If they didn't report on it – it likely never makes it off 4chan.” 

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