9 Best Things To Buy in 2024

For those with a lot of extra money, consider investing in real estate. You can fix it up, renovate it to add value to the property, and then sell it for a profit. Make sure you research the area and its price history before purchasing. 

1. Buy a House

2. Purchase Stocks

3. Buy Art

This might sound like an unusual investment, but the rarer a piece of art, the more it is appreciated as time passes.  

4. Buy a Car and Rent It Out

5. Invest in Gold

Gold was around $1400/oz in June 2019, which increased to $2000/oz in January 2024. This is more than a 40% profit in less than five years. 

6. Purchase a Good Camera

7. Buy a Musical Instrument

8. Purchase Good Quality Paints

9. Invest in Yourself