15 Things to Say When Negotiating

According to a LinkedIn survey, more than 40% of people don't feel comfortable with their negotiation skills.  Recent graduates, young adults, and millennials often don't negotiate pay raises or job offer salaries.

To that end, we've put together a list of 15 actual things to say that might come in handy when you're feeling tongue-tied in a negotiation at any stage of the process.

Approaching your boss directly

The best way to convince someone else to give you more money is to believe you deserve it. This is quite a serious and practical piece of advice, despite sounding “touchy-feely”. 

Asking an expert for negotiation advice

Yes, doing your research means you will have to talk about money. Most women are very uncomfortable talking about financial matters. To make things easier, try to talk to people whose job it is to have that information.

Comparing salaries with industry colleagues

One way to reduce tension when asking for salary information among friends and acquaintances is to share your own information, however vaguely.

Asking for salary intel online

There are many specialized professional communities online that provide a forum to pose questions like these. Sites like Salary.com, Payscale, and Glassdoor also provide useful salary information.

Asking colleagues to put in a good word

While you should aspire to be your own best advocate, the reality is that sometimes someone else may be more influential than you simply because they are already are a trusted friend, colleague, or acquaintance of the person with whom you're negotiating.