9 Of The Best Things To Sell At A Pawn Shop To Make Money Fast

Pawn shops can offer a quick and convenient way to get cash for your stuff. If you want to make money fast, this may be the way to go. Often, you can get cash in a few hours.

We've searched high and low to find what items bring in the most, making it easier to decide what you have sitting around the house that may be worth selling!

Let's take a look at the best things to sell to a pawn shop, how it works, and some ways that you can cash quickly. 

Sewing machines, large mixing blenders, that lamp that you never use? If you paid a handsome sum for your housewares, there could still be value left.


If you have an old saw or drill in the garage, see what you can get at the pawnshop. Ensure the tools are in good working condition to get the most money for them. 

Power Tools

Yard equipment is worth a lot of money when it is first purchased. If you have a lawn service now and don't need your weed eater, tractor, or blower, you can pawn them for a good bit of money.

Yard Equipment

Probably the top seller in the pawn business. The shop will have an excellent understanding of the product that you have in your hand and should be able to give you quick cash. 


Are you regretting opting for those $3000 golf clubs? Chances are you can pawn your clubs quite quickly at a pawn shop. It is easy to get an accurate value on clubs. 

Sports Equipment

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