12 Things We Thought Were Indicators of Wealth But Really Are Not

Growing up, were there things that made you believe people were affluent? I think we all have, unless you're one of the rich ones.

Recently someone asked, “What things did you think were indicators of wealth when we were kids?” Here are the top-voted responses.

Kids Whose Parents Dropped Off and Picked Up

“Yes, I caught public school buses all my life. I remember my bus route. I woke up at 5:45 am as a child and then left my house at 6:45 am because my bus came at 7:04 am in elementary—all in the rain, hail, cold, and burning sun.”

Going to the Dentist and Doctor

One person said, “Going to the dentist. Oh, and braces.” “To be fair, this one holds true into adulthood today,” another added.

“Going to Olive Garden. As a kid, I thought that it was like a five-star restaurant. However, I had never been to one until adulthood and was so surprised I could walk into one wearing shorts,” one person admitted.

Going to Olive Garden

Money for Cafeteria Food

Another user shared, “Having money to buy that cafeteria food that was way better than the standard lunch the school gave us. One day my parents gave me five dollars, and I was finally able to buy food, which was the best lunch I ever had.”

“I thought kids with trampolines were rich,” a user admitted. A second commenter added, “Same. And those little cars like Barbie Jeeps, Power Wheels.”

Trampolines and Power Wheels

Flying Vacations and Hotel Stays

One user shared, “Flying somewhere for a family vacation and staying in hotels, not your relative's homes.” Another clarified, “Specifically, going to Disneyland. It seemed like every freaking kid except me went to Disneyland.” 

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