12 Little Everyday Things Women Do That Baffle Men Entirely

Have you scratched your head with confusion, wondering what on earth your girlfriend, mother, sister, or female friend is doing?

Have you ever been completely baffled by the little things the women in your life do daily? Fret not, my friend, because you're not alone.

Members of a popular forum share what perplexes them about the seemingly insignificant things women do.

The Whispering Conundrum

Numerous members find it strange that women speak at a low volume as if whispering sweet nothings. But in reality, those ‘nothings' are quite important. According to some, asking to repeat is of no use either.

It is one of the world's biggest mysteries: why do women visit the restroom in groups? Is it for moral support or a secret club meeting? One may never know for sure. Maybe it is for the best, though; look what going alone did to Moaning Myrtle!

Wolfpacks: A Case of Restroom Solidarity

Time Warp

Multiple users raise their concerns over a woman's time orientation. Five minutes or a whole hour to get ready? According to them, you may never know which one it might be. Isn't time a relative concept anyway?

Men of the forum are surprised that ladies have not gone bald by how much hair they lose daily. Their heads shed more than a Persian cat's fur. Who knows? Perhaps the strands are a way to mark their territory!

A Cat in Disguise

The sheer amount of scented items women own is frequently questioned by forum users. From candles that smell like freshly baked muffins to lotions that smell like tropical fruits, they can't have enough!

Scent-sational Obsession

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