10 Annoying Habits Women Need to Ditch in 2023 ASAP

Recently someone questioned, “Women of Reddit, what is something you wish other women would stop doing?”

Thousands of women weighed in to deliver this list of ten things they agreed they wanted women to quit.

Stop Acting Like Dads Are Predators

Men are suspicious, but it doesn't mean a guy isn't allowed to take his kid to the playground. “Stop acting like every Dad at the playground is a secret predator,” wrote one woman. “They're just there with their kids, reinforcing the idea that men are inferior caretakers.”

Staying In Unwanted Relationships

Logical-Wasabi7402 answered, “Staying in a relationship they don't enjoy anymore. You don't have to date someone who doesn't make you happy.”

MallowollaM stated, “Apologizing when they don't have a reason to. I'm guilty of this too sometimes, sorry…” Redditor knockers shared, “It's kinda cheesy, but I've had some success thanking people when I feel the urge to apologize.”

Unnecessarily Apologizing

Questioning Women About Children

Yewnicorns agreed, “Children are not some flight of fancy that all need indulge. Some people want to accomplish other things in the world, and we mothers must encourage those feats!"

Redditor Thewidowgorey said, “Stop hovering over the toilet seat and sprinkling urine everywhere. You're not keeping your bum clean. You're making a mess! Sit down!”

Sit Down for The Love of God

Civil_Midnight_5259 added, “Young women putting down older women in general needs to stop. When did older women stop being people to look up to, but rather, bitter competition or unworthy of respect?”

Young Women Telling Others' They Are Too Old for Something

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