10 Surprising Inexpensive Things Totally Worth The Money

Can you think of something that seemed overpriced but, after using it, decided it was not? You're in good company.

Recently someone asked, “What's something you thought wasn't worth the money until you actually tried it out?” Here are the top-voted answers.

IrishTeenGuy admitted, “Single most significant Win for my oral health ever was getting an electric toothbrush.” “I had my dental checkup yesterday. The hygienist was simultaneously impressed/disappointed to find no issues. I thank my Sonicare,” another user replied.

Electric Toothbrush

“Not only is the sound fantastic, but you can also replace the parts like ear cups and cords that wear out (or get chewed on by your jerkface cat). Worth every penny,” another commenter confirmed.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

One person expressed, “This is so true. Even a $100 pair of shoes makes a big difference compared to Target shoes.” “Bad shoes can cost you more than what you paid if you hurt yourself wearing them,” added another commenter.

Good Shoes

One Redditor admitted, “I spent a lot of time jumping between the ones in my insurance group. I got a bunch of doctors who couldn't help me. Finally, I decided to switch from HMO to PPO and went out of network to find a specialist in my disorder. It was the best decision ever.”


Jonahvsthewhale replied, “I'll second this. I'm not embarrassed that I have my boxer brief selection down to a science. I have no clue how other men let their jewels bang around like a wind chime in regular boxers.”


“Yes! I think this is also something you appreciate even more with age. In my 20s, I could sleep in a bathtub and be going to go the next day. In my 40s, I sleep on a mediocre mattress, and my back hurts for a week,” a user commented.

A Good Quality Mattress

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