15 Simple Things You’ve Been Doing the Hard Way

Have you ever done something one way, only to discover an easier way to do it in life? You're not alone!

For example, Redditor u/felis_disapproves asked, “What's something you did ‘the hard way' for the longest time because you didn't know there was a much easier way?”

And 3.3k Redditors admitted things they had done a more challenging way until shown otherwise. So here are the top answers voted by your peers.

Redditor ethottly shared, “Parchment paper. No more scrubbing off baked-on cheese and sauce. If it goes in the oven, I use parchment paper.”

Parchment Paper – 715 Votes

Texan1964- shared, “If you hold down the “0” (zero) button on an iPhone, it will bring up the “°” degree symbol.”

iPhone Symbols – 800 Votes

Another Reddit user, tomyownrhythm, admitted, “When I was a kid, I was terrible at nail clippers. I knew to put my nail in the chompy bit at the end but didn't realize that the handle/lever folded out.”

Clipping Your Nails – 810 Votes

FullbordadOG shared, “Write some random word in a text message. Hold the space bar for a second or two. Then, slide your thumb back and forward on the space bar, and the cursor will move. It makes removing one letter in a long, misspelled word easy.”

Cellphone Spacebar – 950 Votes

Redditor antivirals_ admitted, “It took me a while to figure out you simply collapse a comment/thread on Reddit by simply tapping not long pressing.”

Collapsing Reddit Threads – 1.2k Votes

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