This is the No.1 Best Time of Year to Apply for a New Job

Have you heard the saying, “New Year, New Career”? Well, it’s not just cheesy, it’s also true. 

January is truly the best time of year to apply to jobs in any year…but I think it will be especially big this year, following The Great Resignation. 

January is when most companies start to open up their new roles for the year.

Every company is different, but most headcount planning happens at the end of each fiscal year in preparation for the year ahead (some companies have fiscal years that begin in February or July, so do some research on this if you’re interested in one specific company).

This usually means new budgets, new roles and even slightly higher salaries, depending on market rate in your location. 

It sometimes takes some larger companies a couple of months to get it all budgeted and planned out. But starting in January and rolling into March or so, you’ll see many job postings begin to pop up all over LinkedIn.