Thousands of Airbnb Hosts Are Now Back in the Classroom.

It's a common refrain that teachers aren't paid what they're worth. Data from The Pew Center and the U.S. Department of Education show that approximately one in six teachers in America have a second job or side hustle.

For 15,000 of those teachers across America, their extra earnings come from also being Airbnb hosts.

According to, the average public teacher salary is $55,294 in America, with most teachers earning between $46,182 and $67,417.

Why Teachers Work More Than One Job

While tutoring is a common second job, teaching-related gigs make up only 25 percent of teachers' side hustles today.

How Much Are Teachers Earning on Airbnb

According to Airbnb data, four of the seven most lucrative times to rent out a property are during the summer. Echoing the top money-making period for all Airbnb hosts, teachers earned one-third of the cumulative yearly rentals during the summer.

Not So Lazy Days of Summer

Four years ago, Wendy, a high school teacher and mom of three grown boys, decided to use her recently vacated basement space for an Airbnb property.

A Tale of Two Host

Review all the exit strategies at your disposal to determine the ideal options for your unique business and future goals.

Evaluate Exit Strategie

Today, Wendy is a proud super host with top-rated stays in the heart of Marquette, Michigan. She takes great pride in sharing the best local running and bike trails with her guests.

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