Three Biggest Mistakes Redditors Make When Writing Their Resume

Several months ago, a friend recommended I give Reddit a try. He said lots were going on at the site, and I would enjoy it. “Enjoy” was not the first word I thought of when he mentioned it. I think I was more in the “fear” camp initially.

But I eventually overcame my concerns, joined Reddit, and spent a couple of months trying to get into the flow of how things worked and finding subreddits I was interested in.

After going  through many resumes, here are my three tips for making your resume as strong as possible:

1. Follow a standard format full of easy-to-read bullet points.

The reality is that recruiters have a TON of resumes to sort through, so they need to weed them out quickly. That's why each one gets six seconds. This means that a resume writer needs to capture their attention and stand out (in a good way) in six seconds.

2. List quantifiable accomplishments beginning with action verbs.

If you have accomplishments but aren't sure they can be quantified, that's better than nothing. But think hard and use numbers if at all possible as long as they are impressive.

3. Focus on networking if you really want to find a job.

Submitting a resume online makes the applicant feel like he's doing something, but the chances of being hired this way are remote.Instead, do a little networking. You know, actually, talk to human beings — people you know, people friends and family know, people past co-workers know, people your college professors know, and on and on.