Three Financial Lessons From Squirrel

The survival tactics of squirrels have evolved over millennia in the ultimate testing ground of Mother Nature. 

Winter survival is the wildlife equivalent of financial planning for people.  

Squirrels have to allocate resources, deal with risk/reward scenarios, and execute a plan consistently.  

Three Financial Lessons From Squirrel

Most squirrels prepare for the lean times of winter by stashing away nuts and other food.  This seems like an obvious thing to do and reflects on our need always to be saving as much money as we can for our lean times. 

Stash Stuff Away

Invest in Yourself

Another way that squirrels prepare for winter is by investing calories in changing their bodies.   Similarly, we need to make sure that we are investing in our bodies. 

When winter finally hits, most squirrels will hunker down and wait it out.   Learning to get rid of stuff that we do not need is a massive step towards financial independence. 

Keep it to a Minimum

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