Did You Know You Can Cancel Your Timeshare?

Do you have an unwanted timeshare? Is the maintenance fee a financial burden? Similar to other commitments, you can’t just walk away from a timeshare company.

Here are five ways you can “divorce” your timeshare legally that don’t include paying thousands of dollars of upfront fees to timeshare exit companies or to a timeshare lawyer.

Did you know that ending your timeshare contract is something you can do on your own? This is The Way.

There is a rescission period cooling off timeframe to cancel timeshare purchases AND get your money back like a mortgage agreement for your house.

Option #1: Hurry! Use Your Rescission Period

Option #2: How to Get Out of a Timeshare via a Deedback Program

The fastest timeshare exit strategy is through your home resort if you are done with mortgage payments. It can be as simple as one phone call, and you can give your unwanted timeshare back.

Have handy all the relevant financial information such as your annual maintenance fees, legal closing costs, and resort transfer fees for the conversation.

Option #3: Give Your Timeshare Away to Family or Friends

There is no reason to hire a timeshare exit team when you can sell a timeshare you no longer want directly to another owner!

Option #4: Transfer Your Timeshare Contract to Another Owner at Your Resort

Research multiple timeshare resale sites to locate comparable units and their final sales price.

Option #5: List Your Timeshare Contract on the Resale Market Competitively

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