The Strangest Places People Were Prompted to Tip

Everywhere you turn, you're being prompted to leave a tip. Tipping became a common way to show you appreciated great service- like in a restaurant or a salon. 

A recent post on a popular internet forum had users discussing the weirdest places they've been asked to tip. Have you been asked to tip at these places? 

A Retail Website

One user expressed shock when asked if they wanted to add a tip after cashing out on an online retail store. 

Self Serve Restaurants

A commenter expressed particular disdain for this model, frustrated because the only work the employee did was hand over an empty cup. 

Convenience Stores

The principle goes back to tipping in self-serve restaurants: if you're doing it yourself, should you really have to tip? 

A Fast Food Restaurant

A forum member was surprised when they were asked to tip at a popular fast food restaurant. They said it felt a bit excessive, even though service workers are notoriously underpaid. 

A Liquor Store

One respondent was particularly shocked over finding a tip jar inside their locally owned liquor store. 

A Medical Spa

This may be the craziest spot of all. After getting some Botox done, one person alleged they were asked to add a gratuity for their nurse on top of the cost of the procedure. 

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