Tom Cruise: His Most Varied Performances

Tom Cruise has been an A-list actor for many decades. From comedy to drama to action hero, his performances over the years have been quite varied, running the gamut in all categories and genres.

Here are 15 types of roles we have enjoyed watching him in since he first stepped onto the scene.

The Teen Heartthrob – Risky Business

The scene of his character sliding across the floor, dancing in a pink shirt, socks, and white briefs with the song “Old Time Rock and Roll” playing is now iconic and serves as its legacy.

The Standard “Action” Cruise – Days of Thunder (Among Many Others)

In Days of Thunder, race car driver Cole Trickle is forced to overcome several obstacles to win the Daytona 500. Additionally, Cruise would win the heart of co-star Nicole Kidman after meeting on set.

The Romantic – Jerry Maguire, Cocktail

Those eyes and dimples were never more on display in movies like Jerry Maguire and Cocktail. As Jerry Maguire, a hotshot sports agent who falls for his assistant and her son but still puts his career first.

In Cocktail, he plays a cocky bartender looking for a shortcut to get rich while falling for a woman he met on his island vacation, which is more than he bargained for. Of course, at the end of both, he gets the happy ending and the girl, despite missteps.

The Lunatic – Tropic Thunder

This 2008 flick had Cruise taking another supporting role in this Ben Stiller comedy. Nearly unrecognizable, he played profane, bad-tempered studio exec Les Grossman producing Tropic Thunder, as they parodied making a Vietnam war film.

The “Ethan Hunt”- Mission: Impossible Series

It began in 1996 when Cruise first took on the role in Mission: Impossible, and since then, the franchise has grown immensely.

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