21 Legendary Covers and Duets

The Magic of Tony Bennett:

With a career spanning over seven decades, Tony Bennett is the human equivalent of a fine wine.

But unlike the best of wines, Bennett was willing to venture outside the box, bringing his style to any number of genres, artists, and entire networks. Here are 21 covers and collaborations that showed the true sign of a Legend.

“Swinging on a Star” (1960)

A world-class ditty about staying smart and being a student of life, the original song is an all-time classic, and this playful cover sees Bennett infusing the classic piece with a touch of jazz and a lot of charisma.

“Jeepers Creepers” (1962)

If you have yet to hear this song, don't. Okay, but it will get stuck in your head…forever, and you'll recall the first time you've listened to it for the rest of your life, so why not use Bennett's lounge-style interpretation of this song.

“Fly Me to the Moon” (1965)

A show stopper at his concerts, Bennett would turn off his microphone and sing a cappella, turning a song of playful, wistful hope into a battle cry of vitality.

“My Favorite Things” (1968)

Bennett's rendition of this beloved song from “The Sound of Music” adds a touch of whimsy to his diverse musical repertoire and yet again shows Tony would often take on insurmountable challenges just to show that, well, he could.

“Eleanor Rigby” (1970)

Before calling his own shots, kid, Tony was coerced into an album of contemporary material, including some Beatles covers. The results made for…interesting items worth highlighting on a list of the man's unconventional ventures. 

“Something” (1970)

This song, with its timeless melody and heartfelt lyrics, was more in line with Bennett's sensibilities and allowed him to deliver a performance that was both respectful to the original and uniquely his own.

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