Top 10 EQ Questions You Need To Get Right in an Interview

You'd be wrong if you think your IQ is the only thing interviewers care about. Employers increasingly use EQ questions in the interview to assess your EQ or emotional intelligence. 

EQ is like having a superpower that helps you navigate the rollercoaster of emotions in life. It's not about being overly touchy-feely or suppressing your feelings; instead, it's about understanding and managing them wisely.

Let's break it down and demystify those top 10 EQ questions interviewers love to throw at you.

Question 1: “Tell Me About a Time You Faced a Difficult Situation With a Colleague and How You Handled It.

Oh, they love this one! Employers want to see how you deal with conflicts and whether you can maintain your cool when things get a little heated. So, think about that one time you disagreed with a coworker and turned it into a positive outcome.

Share your secret sauce – be it taking deep breaths, taking a quick walk, or even just cracking a joke to lighten the mood. They want to see that you won't crack like a peanut under pressure.

Question 2: “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure at Work?“

Question 3: “Describe a Situation Where You Had To Demonstrate Empathy Towards a Colleague or Customer.“

It's time to put on those empathy shoes! Employers want to see if you can understand and connect with others' feelings. So, think about that time when a teammate was feeling down, and you lent a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

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