Top 10 Most Despisable Characters on the Big Bang Theory

Recently someone in The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) subreddit asked, “Who do you consider the most unlikable on the show?” Do you think you know who took the number one spot on the list? Here are the ten top-voted responses from the fans.

10. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Floyd2168 said, “My personal choice for the most unlikable character is Bernadette. She's a genuinely awful person and only worsened as the series progressed.” Tommy4uf agreed, “Bernadette, she's a bully with double standards.”

9. Wil Wheaton

LuminescentBib replied, “I'm kinda surprised no one's mentioned early Wil Wheaton. He was such a weasel! He pretended his grandmother had died to manipulate Sheldon into letting him win the Mystic Warlords of Ka'a tournament.”

8. Ramona Nowitzki

Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome) is Caltech's postdoctoral researcher and graduate student. She is a massive fan of Sheldon's work and has a crush on him. Nowitzki first appears in “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem”

7. Sheldon

Hokie3457 admitted, “This will be the most unpopular response, Sheldon. He was mean, condescending, and uncaring of anyone's achievements but his own. He was a bully and very cruel.”

6. Kurt

Kurt (Brian Patrick Wade) is one of Penny's former boyfriends. He's a muscular but dense and arrogant man. And the main antagonist in season one. Benglescott voted, “Penny's ex Kurt. That guy is the worst. DaddyCatALSO added, “He's a thief, plus a probable roids user.”

5. Jimmy Speckerman

Jimmy Speckerman (Lance Barber) was Leonard's bully in high school. Floyd2168 suggested, “Casting Lance Barber as the bully was a terrible choice. But casting him as Sheldon's dad on Young Sheldon was great casting. That episode is one of the few I will never watch again.”

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