Top 15 Biggest Fights in Movie History That Were Completely One-Sided

Movies are commonly filled with intense and exciting fight scenes that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. However, sometimes these fights are completely one-sided, with one character dominating their opponent in every way.

These are the 15 biggest fights in movie history that were completely one-sided, showcasing the most lopsided and memorable battles ever captured on the big screen.

Tarantino uses excessive violence in a one-sided brawl to satirize the Manson murders in a way that takes away the glory and mystique of Charles Manson and his followers, instead making fun of them. 

Cliff Booth & Rick Dalton vs. Hippies

While Beatrix (also known as the bride) is a trained assassin, it's still unrealistic that she could take out an army of men armed with swords as she runs around doing acrobatics and catching axes with her hands.

Beatrix Kiddo vs. The Crazy 88s

Bane has the high ground here, severely injuring Batman and even breaking his back. This fight leaves him bedridden, and he is left in this cavern, where he takes several months to recover before he can make the death-defying climb to escape.

Bane vs. Batman

As Durden beats the Narrator, tosses him around, and throws him down a flight of stairs, we can see from objective POVs, such as the security footage, that there is no Tyler Durden.

Tyler Durden vs. the Narrator 

The fight is one-sided because Drago has trained harder and is in better shape than Apollo, who has grown complacent and is not taking the fight seriously.

Ivan Drago vs. Apollo Creed

The one-sided nature of the fights adds to the hilarity of these films, as eight-year-old Kevin uses his wits and booby traps to outsmart the criminals, who fail to counter his elaborate traps.

Kevin McAllister vs. Criminals

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