Top 15 States Where Female Entrepreneurs Are Likely To Win Investment

Venture funding in the U.S. reached $332.8 billion in 2021; however, only 2.4% of this funding went to female founders.

Venture capital (VC) funding is raised when a startup asks investors, investment banks, or VC firms for capital in exchange for equity in the company.

Using data from PitchBook, Propel(x) ranked the top 15 states based on the total amount of VC funding that went to startups founded by at least one woman since 2018.

They also noted that a quarter of VC deals since 2018 went to startups founded solely by women. The other 75% were co-founded by men and women. Investors in these areas are paving the way for women to rise to the top of the entrepreneurship game!

– VC funding for women-led startups since 2018: $958 million – Number of deals with women-led startups since 2018: 200

15. Virginia

– Share of female and male co-founders: 75.4% – Share of women-only founders: 24.6%

14. Maryland

– Share of female and male co-founders: 68.2% – Share of women-only founders: 31.8%

13. Minnesota

– Share of female and male co-founders: 64.7% – Share of women-only founders: 35.3%

12. Connecticut

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