Top 25 Generation 9 Pokémon Ranked From Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon entered a brand new era with Generation 9, introducing more than 100 new Pokémon for players to enjoy in Scarlet & Violet.  

As always, there are quite a few phenomenal new ones, plus a bunch of Pocket Monsters that are dead on arrival.

Here are the top 25 Generation 9 Pokémon you need to know about. This list includes nothing but brand new Pokémon from the latest generation.

They excel in design, typing, and being the best in their categories, ranked from worst of the best to the best of the best. Only one Pokémon per evolutionary line was picked.

Top 25 Generation 9 Pokémon Ranked

The Spanish Mastiff-based Mabosstiff is one of several new dog Pokémon in Generation 9. Similar to Morpeko in Gen 8, it has two distinct forms, one for its daytime and another for nighttime, showing the two sides of this mafia pup.

25. Mabosstiff

Grafaiai is the first of its typing, being a Poison and Normal-type Pokémon. Like Smeargle, it takes a tried-and-true idea (an Aye-Aye) and mixes it up with a graffiti aesthetic.

24. Grafaiai

To be fair, Paldean Wooper is, by and large, the same as the original, but with a palette swap to a muddy brown color. There isn’t much new about Paldean Wooper besides its switch to Poison/Ground typing, but that isn’t horrible.

23. Paldean Wooper

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