10 Book Series That Should Be Adapted to the Screen

We all love a quest!

Whether it be racing through suburban streets with only a few minutes left before the grocery store closes to secure a gallon of milk or avoiding monsters to bring a cursed ring to a volcano, a quest adds a little spice to our average existence. 

With that in mind, we offer ten more novel series that should follow The Wheel of Time’s footsteps in moving from the page to an epic television program. 

Annals of the Western Shore

Shore is a meditation on the power of storytelling. Each of the protagonists possesses abilities that correspond to the building and crafting of stories. 

The Books of Bas-Lag

The books—Perdido Street StationThe Scar, and Iron Council—are a chaotic intriguing mix of fantasy, steampunk, speculative science fiction, and western storytelling. 

The Broken Earth Trilogy

Jemisin indulges in both readers’ loves of enormous destruction and suggests humanity’s incredible will to survive by giving us a peek at a world in massive upheaval.