Here are the top career fields for 2022

It might be tempting to focus on the highest-paying job opportunities, but remember to balance the potential salary with the job's demands. 

For example, many high-paying industries also require substantial work hours, including nights and weekends. 

Earning a high salary is nice, but balancing a reasonable work schedule with your home life makes for a healthy decision. So if you’re looking to make a change in 2022, here are the top career fields to consider. 

Registered Nurse

Healthcare continues to expand, which is especially true as Covid spreads across the world. In fact, Kiplinger found that almost 500,000 more registered nurses will be needed by 2027. A 16% growth for registered nurse jobs is expected over the next five years. 

Software Developer

Software development continues to grow, as does the average salary of software developers. According to PayScale, the average base salary of a software developer is over $73,000, but that number can easily increase based on location and the company. 

Information Security Professional

The dangers associated with worldwide connectivity are helping to ensure those information security pros have lucrative jobs for decades to come.