Top 15 Easy Jobs That Pay Well This Coming Year

Can you imagine working comfortably at your own pace and earning a good income? This doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Everyone can have easy jobs that pay well, and here's where to look.

A high-paying job is not difficult to define, but easy can mean different things to different people. Depending on your circumstances, preference, and know-how, answering surveys, driving an Uber, or editing a book can be easy.

The bottom line is engaging in suitable work that offers less stress, more work-life balance, and a satisfying paycheck. Fortunately, many jobs fit the bill.

As a transcriptionist, you will be responsible for converting audio or video documentation into written text. As you listen to audio recordings or watch videos, you have to transcribe or write down what is said, and provide a clean, proofread, and grammatically-correct document.


A notary public is responsible for ensuring that people are whom they say they are in documents. For example, if Mr. A has signed a contract, you must verify that Mr. A is really the right person and not someone else.

Notary Public

It doesn't cost much to start a blog, but you can make plenty of money blogging. In addition, bloggers have a relatively stress-free job, and you can work from wherever you want.


Being a personal trainer is a great way to help others while ensuring that you also stay fit. You don't need a degree or a certification to become a personal trainer. However, trainers who are certified nutritionists or have a degree in sports science make more.

Personal Trainer

If you're bilingual or are fluent in a second language, being a translator is a great opportunity. A language degree is not required to do this job, but make sure you know a language well before you start working as a translator.


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