Top Games That Need a Comeback

These days, many games either get the remake treatment or, at the very least, get remastered.

Our reporters investigated an online gaming forum to find top games that need a comeback.

Splinter Cell

Fans have wanted to go on another mission with Sam for a long time. Hopefully, Ubisoft will deliver a new game at some point.


Fans have begged Valve for Half-Life 3 for almost twenty years now, to the point where it has become an internet meme. Gamers everywhere will rejoice if we ever see a proper third entrant into this series.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

Taking place four thousand years before the Star Wars films, this popular game from Bioware warrants a return. A Sith armada goes up against the Republic, which leaves many Jedi scattered.

Black & White

This game from Peter Molyneux puts players in the role of a god. In charge of a land, they must choose a creature to create. Once they do so, they must guide them as they grow and develop knowledge. The goal revolves around defeating Nemesis, another god bent on world conquest.

Golden Sun

Golden Sun hasn't had a new entry in the franchise in years, and fans would love to see a brand-new entry on the Nintendo Switch.

Parasite Eve

This title became Squaresoft's first Mature-rated game, and fans would love to see it return to modern consoles.

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