Star Wars Fans Have Spoken: 

Here Are the Top Jedis of All Time

Who is your favorite Jedi, and why? Recently someone asked this question and specified that they could be from any Star Wars movies, TV shows, games, or comics.  

Here are the top-voted responses.  

Ulic Qel-Droma

“He fell to the Dark Side for good reasons thousands of years before Anakin. Ulic Qel-Droma was ultimately redeemed by being cut off entirely from the Force by his former lover/true love/absolute master, Battle Meditation, Naomi Sunrider.” 

Quinlan Vos

“Quinlan Vos,” shared one. “I liked that he had this darkness in him, and it seemed that the Jedi were afraid of him going to the dark side but sent him to assassinate Dooku.” 


“He wasn't content to let the galaxy burn while the Jedi sat around and thought about it. But, in fighting the war, he turned toward the Dark Side. Kreia described his turn to the Dark Side as a sacrifice he made; to be the conqueror, the Republic needed to stand against the Sith.” 

Luke Skywalker

One person shared, “Luke is the original. And I have to give love to Legends Luke. You can see why he thought he made the right call even when he blows it.” 

Anakin Skywalker

“Anakin Skywalker,” said one. “Totally. Most powerful. Anakin hooked up with the hottest senator. He threw off the religious dogma of the Jedi. Did some other stuff, yada yada yada, killed the Sith Lord.” 


“I feel like there is no love for Ashoka in here. She's by far my favorite Jedi.,” said one. “My favorite of the modern stuff. She's a great character, and I might pee my pants a little when her show comes out.” 

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