Top 10 Star Wars Chase Sequences, Ranked

One of the best parts of watching the Star Wars franchise is the high-speed, action-packed chase scenes. Recently a fan asked, “What's the best chase sequence in Star Wars?” Here are the top-voted responses ranked in order of popularity. 

“Either the Slave 1 (Jango Fett) chase from Attack of the Clones or Obi-Wan chasing Grievous on Utapau,” one person voted.

Obi Wan Kenobi Vs. Slave 1 Space Battle

“Say what you will, but I enjoyed the Snow Speeder Chase scene in The Force Awakens,” one user admitted. “Agreed, some of the Millennium Falcon chase cam shots on Jakku were so good,” said a second commenter.

Snow Speeder Chase in Force Awakens

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – Opening Scene

“The whole experience was extraordinary. Sitting down in the theatre seats not even warmed yet, five seconds after the title crawl, they throw you straight into the action with a high-stakes sequence that is Star Wars in its purest definition.”

“The Coruscant Speeder Chase in Attack of the Clones is a favorite, not least because we see some of the regular folks, and it makes it feel more lived in,” said one commenter.

Coruscant Speeder Chase

Anakin & Obi-Wan Chase After Zam Wesell

“I came here to say when Ani and Obi are chasing Zam. The banter was fun. Anakin jumping from the speeder, falling through towering Coruscant skyscrapers, and landing on Zam's vehicle was an incredible display of his Force capabilities,” another agreed.

The Trench Run from A New Hope. One person agreed, “I'll second the trench run, first because it's incredible and holds up 45 years later, and secondly because I probably can't even explain how mind-bindingly better it was at the time than anything else.”

The Trench Run

Speeder Bike Scene! “My favorite has always been the speeder bike scene in Return of the Jedi,” one person shared. Another said, “And the end was ridiculous, dismounted Luke, deflecting blaster shots and cutting the dude's speeder bike in half. Are you kidding me? So good!”

Speeder Bike Chase

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