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The Top States Obsessed With Video Games

Gamers in the United States spent $6.57 billion in 2022. We're a nation that loves its video games, but some states take that obsession further than others.

While states like California, Texas, and Maryland are home to major game developers, they don't top the list. Instead, it's Nevada that takes their gaming passion to another level.

I'm-A-Puzzle recently conducted a study on finding the states most obsessed with video games. They examined data from all 50 states and analyzed over 1,000 search terms related to video games over the past twelve months.

Recapping The Top Ten States Obsessed With Video Games

Nevada, best known for its casino gaming, also loves their video games. Their average monthly search volume for games per 100,000 state residents is 7,658.20.

In second place is Georgia, with a search volume of 7,636.12. Right behind them is New York, with a search volume of 7,596.88. Utah is in fourth place with a monthly search volume of 7,346.78.

Texas is in fifth place with a search volume of 7,317.55. The Lone Star state is home to several game developers and studios in the video game industry. id Software, best known for its work on the DOOM and Wolfenstein franchises, is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, just outside Dallas.

Famed roleplaying game developer BioWare has a studio in Austin, Texas. The Austin team is best known for their work on Star Wars: The Old Republic, a popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

Colorado is in sixth place on the list of states obsessed with video games. Its average monthly search volume is 7,314.65. In seventh place is Illinois, with a search volume of 7,197.57. Virginia is in eighth place with a search volume of 7,167.63.

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