Top 10 Steve Martin Movies and Where to Stream Them

Since appearing on the earliest seasons of Saturday Night Live, the name “Steve Martin” has been synonymous with comedy. 

We offer this look back at Steve Martin’s nearly six-decade film career. 

The Muppet Movie

When The Muppet Movie came out in 1979, Martin was already a household name, having hosted Saturday Night Live seven times – not bad for a show that was only in its third season. 

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All of Me

What makes this movie worth the watch is purely the dynamic between Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Their back and forth banter is a true highlight.

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Three Amigos

Three Amigos, the story of three silent film actors in way over their heads, reunites Steve Martin with fellow SNL legends Chevy Chase and Martin Short. 

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In Roxanne, Steve Martin plays Charlie, a fire chief with an extraordinarily large nose, and an extraordinary way with words. 

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