10 Places Kids Should Never Be Allowed

Where to Draw the Line:

When it comes to having children, there are certain activities and places that most adults are adamant children shouldn't be allowed to venture into.

Here are Reddit's Top Ten places children should be barred from entering.

The Bar

Most people can collectively agree that a bar isn't the place where minors should congregate. That doesn't mean that there aren't differing opinions on the topic, though.

Beauty Pageants

While there's great debate over child beauty pageants, there are definitely those who are adamantly opposed to the idea.

Social Media

While most parents allow their child(ren) to be on some social sites, there are definitely social sites that aren't necessarily appropriate for children and monitoring is a good way to keep your children safe.

Gentleman's Club

Most adults would consider a ‘gentleman's club' to definitely be off-limits to anyone under 18. Given the content on the inside of the club, it's preposterous that anyone would think to bring their child, right?

Late Night Movie Screenings

While parenting norms have certainly changed in the last forty years, showing up to a late-night movie screening (9 pm or later) with your small children in tow might not be advisable.

The Dog Park

We can all agree that dogs are fairly adorable creatures, and there's almost nothing young children like more than to pet a cute dog. When considering where to allow them to hang out, however, the dog park might not be that place.

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