How to Pass a Rental Credit Check With Confidence

Heading into the rental market, you may face stiff competition. One way to give yourself a leg up is to make sure you can pass a rental credit check without any issues.  

Landlords often run background and criminal checks as well, but a credit check will provide landlords with the answer to what a successful rental business needs to know: can you pay the rent? 

The most critical step in the screening process for many landlords is to look at an applicant's credit history to make sure there isn't a financial risk to renting to them. 

Landlords can ask applicants to provide Social Security Numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers so that they can complete credit and background checks. 

Before running these background checks, landlords do have to get an applicant's written permission.  

A credit report will provide a landlord with an overall picture of a potential renter's financial history. A good credit report reassures landlords that the applicant can pay their rent on time.  


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