Top 10 Underrated Horror Movies and Where to Stream Them

The horror genre has an almost unfathomably large assortment of movies, a decent of which, for some reason or another, frankly don’t get the credit they’re due.

With that in mind, we decided to give a little love to a few horror movies we felt needed a little more appreciation. Here are 10 must-watch underrated horror movies and where you’re currently able to stream them.

The Final Girls

A highly inventive take on the slasher movie, The Final Girls is a humorous parody/homage of sorts to classic horror movies of the 1980s featuring an absolutely stacked cast.

For ‘90s kids or fans of teen shows like Dawson’s Creek or Eerie Indiana and movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, this is essential viewing.

The Faculty

Green Room

Tense, violent, and downright terrifying, Green Room is one of A24’s absolute best movies, as well as one of the best horror movies the indie studio has ever released.

If we’re playing favorites, we personally think the movie’s third segment, “The Drop of Water” is the scariest, although you’ll just have to watch it yourself to make up your mind.

Black Sabbath

Night of the Creeps

A cult classic from the 1980s’, Night of the Creeps is one of the greatest B-movies of its era (and boy, were there were a lot of those).

Featuring superb effects for its time, Rogue is one of the absolute best “killer animal” movies in horror — obviously not as good as Jaws, but better than most other competitors out there.


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