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The Top US Tourist Attractions Americans Want to Visit

Nature reigns supreme as America's favorite tourist attraction. More than any white sand beach or thrilling roller coaster, the majority of US states continue to choose nature as their go-to getaway.

The research conducted by Family Destinations Guide analyzed Google search data for more than 100 tourist attractions in the US as well as terms related to visiting each attraction to determine which is the most Googled in each state.

These are the tourist attractions that residents in each state are Googling to visit more than any other US attraction.

The study reveals that nature spots are the most sought-after tourist attractions in the United States. According to the findings, over twenty states want to explore natural wonders more than any other place.

America The Beautiful

According to the research, Niagara Falls is a hot spot in four states: Vermont, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Colorado residents don't need to travel far; Garden of the Gods, with stunning views of the red sandstone rock formations, has scored the highest in the Centennial State.

“Myrtle Beach offers vacationers so much, and it's within one day's drive from the state, making it an easy road trip destination,” said Monica Fish, a Virginia native.

Life's a Beach

“With over 60 miles of beaches, a wide range of accommodation types and prices, a fun-filled boardwalk, family-friendly entertainment, and world-class golf, it's a place Virginians visit year after year.”

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