3 Signs a Workplace Is Actually Toxic 

“Toxic” is a word that’s thrown around frequently these days. A toxic workplace is more than unpleasant. It goes far beyond simple discomfort. It’s one where people are fearful and distrustful.

Toxic people are bad news — sometimes even dangerous. The same goes for a toxic workplace, which, as you might guess, is usually filled with toxic people.

So, how do you know if your workplace is genuinely toxic? Here are signs to look out for.

Your manager or coworkers put you down all the time. They yell at you in front of others. They belittle your ideas and make fun of you. Sometimes, it’s not even about work-related issues.

There Is Bullying

This is bullying, clear and straightforward. Whether it’s come from one person or multiple people, it’s an incredibly upsetting position to find yourself in. You feel unwelcome and unwanted. And you’re certainly in a toxic workplace.

Discrimination based on certain defined groups, such as sex, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, is illegal.

There Is Discrimination and Harassment

If it’s happening in the workplace — whether in hiring, firing, or promotion decisions; verbal or physical abuse; or otherwise — it must not be tolerated, and it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

While this is legal in many cases, it doesn’t mean the practice isn’t harmful to general morale and the overall culture — you very well feel like you’re operating in a ‘Big Brother' environment.

Leadership Perpetuates a Culture of Distrust and General Fear

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