9 Tragic 911 Calls That Haunt Listeners to This Day

Redditor u/xxreidrampagexx asked subreddit r/UnresolvedMysteries, “Do you guys have any 911 calls that stick with you?”

For them, it was Ruth Price. “I always hated how the call stuck with me,” they wrote. “Her screams and cries for help, I think they messed me up for a while. I believe I was around 11 or 12 when I stumbled across her 911 call.”

Other redditors flooded the thread with their own suggestions of tragic 911 calls they will never forget.

For u/acarter8, it was the story of Kyle Plush. Plush was in a car accident and had to use Siri to call 911. “His 911 calls are so horrible, he tried so hard to get help,” they wrote.

Kyle Plush

u/Jenilion answered, “There was an incident where these were kids throwing large stones off an overpass on to cars coming under it, one smashed through the windshield and hit a lady in the head.”

A Tragic Car Accident

“It crushed her skull and while she did live she was left unable to care for herself. Her daughter was driving, her husband was in the backseat and was the one who made the 911 call. It's incredibly sad.”

u/Away_Proposal2615 responded, “Peggy Klinke’s call to 911 when her stalker ex was breaking into her apartment. She was obviously frantic … The whole story is tragic and terrible.”

Peggy Klinke

“I’ve read a lot of f***ed up s*** over the years and nothing affected me like this call did,” added u/elizadeadhead. “That woman died in such an awful and lonely way and I hope that 911 operator gets haunted forever.”

Debra Stevens

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